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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Someone suggested that as part of connecting with mind and intellect I spend some time focusing on music. I thought this was a great idea and immediately started by directing my attention to what type of music I currently listen to, the lyrics, the mood it sets and how it generally makes me feel. I quickly began to realize that while music certainly opens my mind, often it does much more than that. I can feel it burying itself deep in my chest, vibrating the very core of my being. Touching, coaxing, molding my soul. Perhaps this would have been a more fitting addition to next month's project, but I am currently using it to enhance my experience of poetry.

The list must be longer, but right now this is what I can think of when I think of music that resonates deep within me, music that leaves me changed every time I hear it. I'll keep adding as I rediscover artists and songs that move me.

Cosmic Love - Florence + the Machine
Undo - Bjork
All is Full of Love - Bjork

What music touches your soul?

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