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act two: you
act three: everything else

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Act I Scene II: Connect with Mind & Intellect

It's day one of the second month of project reconnect and I'm excited to work on mentally challenging goals instead of physically exhausting ones.

The things I'd like to work on are, fittingly, less set in stone than the habits I wanted to address in the first month of connecting. I'm still not exactly sure what a deeper connection to my mind will entail, so my goals will most likely adapt as the month progresses. If any of you have any ideas or suggestions, ways to help me work on getting closer to the self or getting in tune with my intellect, please feel free to leave your comments!

So far the things I would like to work on consist of:

  • Meditating twice daily
  • Journaling daily
  • Reading one poem per day (including an author I've never heard of at least once a week)
  • Giving myself three compliments each day
  • Reading two books per week
  • Reading The Synthesis of Yoga
  • Reading Lectures on Yoga
  • Keeping track of my levels of stress and happiness

Beyond that I am unsure. Where should I get the poems from? How should I choose which books to read? How can I accurately assess my stress levels? These are all things I will figure out along the way, but as always, suggestions are welcome!

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