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Friday, March 16, 2012

Act I Scene III: Connect with the Serious

 Nothing is worth doing unless the consequences may be serious.
-George Bernard Shaw

At least for me, serious tasks need to be divided into baby tasks in order to make accomplishing them more realistically possible. To that end I've divided everything I am to accomplish into categories and then baby steps.

Tasks I'm working on will be shown in bold.
Tasks I've accomplished will be shown in strikethrough

I will of course have a hard copy where I can physically check off my accomplishments, because who doesn't love the satisfaction of marking a big fat "X" in a box you've been neglecting?

Spring Cleaning
Room by room, box up and then clean thoroughly each room in our old house:
the bathroom
the living room
the dining room
the kitchen
the bedroom
the bedroom closet
the office
the office closet
tippen's room
the storage unit
the deck
deep clean/defrost the fridge/freezer
deep clean the oven
deep clean the tub/shower
Room by room, clean and then unpack in an organized fashion at the new house:
the kitchen/dining area
the living room
the guest bedroom
the office
the main bathroom
the master bedroom
the master closet
the master bathroom
the loft
the garage
the unfinished room
the laundry room
the unfinished bathroom
the patio
wash the car
turn the soil in the garden

go through files and organize/refile (purchasing new folders/boxes as necessary)
find a place for old letters
find a place for teaching-related materials
start France binder
start birthday notecard calendar
find a place for mail/keys

come up with a chore chart for daily/weekly/monthly chores
make a grocery list chalkboard
make a weekly meal chart
make a laminated daily task chart for myself

Taxes, Bills & Paperwork
go to the library and get tax forms
file taxes
close old utility accounts
open new electricity account
sign up for green up with seattle city light
open new gas account
sign up for carbon balance with pse
open new water/sewer/garbage account
open new internet account
change address officially at the post office
figure out what paperwork needs to be done to extend remy's greencard

set up truck rental for moving
change garbage can size to micro-can
schedule an appointment to get napoleon fixed
get napoleon fixed
deflea the cats
schedule an appointment to fix the car
fix the car
buy a new bed
set up chicken brooder
come up with final chicken coop plans
sign the new lease

honestly reflect and decide what I want for my future
come up with steps for how to accomplish my future
start plans for octopus! 2012
sign up and create account on ms website
personalize my webpage
contact possible teammates and encourage them to sign up
schedule a meeting to come up with fundraising ideas
start plans for France

transfer money for the deposit for the new house
pay taxes
pay first and deposit for the new house
pay off debts
pay parking ticket
apply for credit card
start recording purchases
put aside 10% of each paycheck into a separate savings account for emergencies
research 401k options at pcc
donate to npr
contact starbucks about stock
check back with old landlords about deposit

make an honest list of my fears, even the small ones or things that make me uncomfortable
find a way to challenge each fear realistically

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